LP Family Tree is the Family Tree of me, Linda Peppin. Click on the links below to find out more about each family member and/or to see photographs. The Family is split into three Family Groups as follows:

The Wilson Side – this side starts with my dad, John Wilson and goes back four generations:

My dad’s dad and mum, John Wilson and Margaret Ward
John’s parents John Wilson and Matilda Jane Milliken
The next John’s parents William Wilson and Margaret Wedden
Matilda’s parents John Milliken and Mary Wilson
Dad’s mum, Margaret Ward’s parents Daniel Ward and Catherine McNicol
Daniel’s parents Robert Ward and Mary Clever
Catherine’s parents John McNicol and Catherine Cameron
John’s parents Alexander McNicol and Sarah McLachlan
The next Catherine’s parents Robert Cameron and Ann Shaw

The Frost Side – this side starts with my mum Doreen Ann Frost and goes back five generations:

My mum’s parents Frederick Charles Frost and Annie Winifred Grant
Frederick’s parents Frederick Charles Frost and Emily Sharp
The next Frederick’s parents Charles Frost and Mary Ann Burden
Charles’ parents Frederick Frost and Jane (surname unknown)
Emily’s parents George Sharp and Hannah Abel
George’s parents Samuel Sharp and Sarah Long
Hannah’s parents John Abel and Sarah Lowther
Samuels parents Joshua Sharp  and Jane (again surname unknown)

The Grant Side – this side starts with my nan, Annie Winifred Grant and goes back another four generations:

Annie’s parents William Grant and Mary Agnes Chisnall
William’s mother Elizabeth Grant (father unknown)
Elizabeth’s parents John Grant and Jane Humphreys
Jane’s father John Humphreys
John’s father Alexander Grant
Mary’s parents Thomas Chisnall and Margaret Roughley
Thomas’s father Joseph Chisnall

I have then produced a tree I call My Family which is the family starting at my mum and dad and including my siblings and their children going down to my great nephew and neice Finnlay and Amy. As more children come along the tree will be expanded.

The Family Trees themselves can be printed out from this page.